Student receives quality help from Black Belts!

Martial Arts Rochester NYAccomplished black belt students have given great help and guidance to the younger students and those not so young novice students. In fact, I have been so pleased with what Corey has accomplished that I have now completed my first year under Grandmaster Jeon.

I have personally found it mentally and physically beneficial. Often I get teased about being quite sweaty by the end of a session. A good sign I’m told, when one is committed to learning the art of the Tae Kwon Do. – Mark J. Pavia , Student and father of Corey, a ten-year
old red belt.

Tae Kwon Do makes positive impact on all aspects of student’s life.

Studying Tae Kwon Do has made a significant impact on my life. My overall health and physique have steadily improved over the years. It was difficult at first, but with time and dedication, I learned to go far beyond my preconceived physical limits of endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Not only has it developed my body, but I also use the discipline and focus I have cultivated to learn the forms and sparring in almost every aspect of my life. I’m able to apply it to school, other sports, and my general well being. The word “can’t” has vanished from my vocabulary.

Finally, the instruction from Grandmaster Jeon has been a great Inspiration. He gave the right amount of motivation and earned the respect of the students. Nobody wants to let him down and that causes us to try even harder. His instruction has made a great impact on my life and I still remember the awe I felt the first day I met him. – Marc Kroll, Student

Family gains improved physical health and stress relief together!

I love Tae Kwon Do because of the way it has changed my mind and my body. After a stressful day at work, the training calms my mind and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I feel more confident and am more focused and calm under stressful situations. My doctor is also pleased that I am in great shape.

Tae Kwon Do is one activity as a family that we can learn together. I can have as much fun as my kids and get the exercise I need at the same time. I also like the fact that I can watch them learn and know what skills they need to work on. It is important to me that my kids learn at an early age the value of working hard toward goals and feeling the confidence when achieving them. I believe this helps them socially as well as in their schoolwork.

I think the most important consideration when choosing a martial arts school in Rochester is finding the right master. Grandmaster Jeon gives each student personal attention regardless of their level or ability, and is willing to train as much as you are able. I also like that his teaching is not only based on physical training, but also developing the mind by teaching respect, discipline, control and a humble mind. – Michael, 2nd Degree WTF Black Belt

Grandmaster Jeon is a true Grandmaster

For more than twenty years, Grandmaster Jeon has been teaching Tae Kwon Do in the Rochester Community. He has been a strong and steadfast influence on his students, both children and adults.

With his gentle but serious manner, Kwanjangnim (his honorific title) has helped his students build their physical, mental and spiritual strength. He knows his students’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps them recognize the former and overcome the latter. I have seen him work with students one on one, on his own time, without any thought of thanks, or being “owed” anything, just because he cares so much for his students. Students and the parents of students trust his wisdom and good council, and know that they can always go to him with their problems to seek advice.

My nephew has been diagnosed with A.D.D., and since joining the class his self-esteem has soared. Grandmaster Jeon’s patience is limitless; I don’t know how he does it!

Grandmaster Jeon has said: Tae Kwon Do is not about learning how to fight, it is about learning how not to fight. It is about learning self-control, self-confidence, discipline and respect. It is about developing one’s inner strength while keeping a humble mind.

Anyone can call himself “Grandmaster”, but with his gentle way and humble manner, Grandmaster Jeon has proven himself to be a “True Grandmaster” – Margaret Sano

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