Meet the Grandmaster

Tae Kwon Do MasterAn interview with Grandmaster Jeon about his experience and love for Tae Kwon Do in his own words.

Q: Grandmaster Jeon, when did you begin Tae Kwon Do?
A: Most children in Korea start Tae Kwon Do when they are four or five. I actually did not start until I was 11.

Q: Why did you start practicing Tae Kwon Do?
A: My parents enrolled me in a famous Dojang because I was small for my age and they thought Tae Kwon Do would help me to grow stronger and bigger. Over time, I realized I loved the structure and the life teachings of Tae Kwon Do.

Q: Was the method of learning Tae Kwon Do different than how we learn in America?
A: Although there are many basic similarities, the Korean style is much more strict. For example, new students in Korea had to wash the floor and take care of the high ranking students’ uniforms for quite awhile before being allowed to start learning from the Master. Students were advised to do such things as take a “bath” in a cold stream in the morning to gain mental and physical strength. Traditional Korean Masters focused on the rigors of mental and physical control, with more discipline than here in the United States.

Q: What was your Master like?
A: My Master was an incredible man and teacher. He learned Tae Kwon Do in secret during the Japanese occupation of Korea. The Japanese forbade the teaching and learning of Korean martial arts and anyone caught doing so faced severe consequences. My Master literally risked his life to learn and teach Tae Kwon Do. My Master was a well-known teacher but always kept a humble mind and heart. He taught us to respect life, our families, others, our country and ourselves.

Q: How has Tae Kwon Do benefited you throughout your life?
A: Tae Kwon Do has benefited both my personal and professional life in many ways. Through Tae Kwon Do, I built up my body strength and developed a humble mind and respect for people.

Becoming a Grandmaster of Tae Kwon Do has been very important to me. Teaching my students to gain self-confidence in themselves, improving self esteem, developing discipline and enhancing respect for ones self, others, parents, and our country is truly a fulfilling part of my life. As a teacher I appreciate that I too continue to learn and grow.